Hi, My name is Akash Gola and I am a SEO consultant, a freelance SEO expert based in Delhi. I am also a Director for SEO practice at Delhi based digital marketing agency, INDIAN BLOGGER.

I have worked full time for big digital agencies based Delhi, NCR and UK in my 10 years of Digital marketing consultant career and have worked with companies like PepsicoMonster, Aviva life insurance, Morgan Lewis law firm and many more fortune 100 companies across the globe.

Leaving my permanent job was by choice as I wanted to do something of my own and help small and medium businesses in Delhi NCR(And of course across all across India). It’s been 2 years now since I work as a full time SEO freelancer.

SEO is not a science but for sure an engineering which evolves and improves over time. It is important that you revisit your SEO strategy with your Agency or Consultant every year to be inline with the Google guidelines. Now when we are in 2017, its a good time to have a catchup with your SEO expert.



What do I do – Just SEO?

I am a search marketer, which means I do organic SEO as well as paid search campaigns on Google Adwords (AdWords Certified since last 7 years). However, I would say that SEO is my first wife(10 years old) and it was a love, at first sight, J. I got married to PPC few years and have mastered the art of lead generation from Google Adwords. In short, I love both of them and can help any business grow using SEO and Google AdWords/Pay Per Click.

Can SEO work for any website?

I get a lot of leads every day from my website as it ranks high on search terms like SEO expert, SEO Expert in Delhi, SEO Consultant, SEO consultant in Delhi and many more. Since I have limited bandwidth, I cannot work with everyone simply because SEO cannot work for any website. It actually can but you have to read this to understand what I am trying to say. You will have to understand that SEO is an ongoing race which requires training. Just like any other competitive exam or sport you need to start from basics and train hard so that you out beat the competition in long-term and not just a fluke.

Let us understand by example:

Let’s say you have a son who is 80 kg in weight and you have a dream that he should win 200m Olympic race. You go to an athletics private coach and say that you want to race your fellow in next Olympics and win 200 m race. Now a good coach would give you a genuine feedback and advise that your child may not be ready to participate in next Olympics because it is a major competition and you have to prepare yourself to participate in that level. The best what he can do is start the training process where the child has to reduce weight and start running every day to build speed and stamina. Then the next step would be to participate in small local races and then go on for bigger milestones.

Now here is an analogy with SEO:

If some comes to me with a rubbish design, duplicate content Kerala travel website and say that they want to rank on “Kerala Tourism” in next 6 months and most importantly they do not want to change their existing rubbish design and content then I will simply say “NO” because their site will never rank. There are SEO experts and professionals in Delhi NCR region who will still take these projects to earn some money for few months but I cannot do that. I value each client’s money and time. As an SEO expert, I will consult them about the SEO process where they will have to change their website design, experience, content, and architecture to first make it eligible to rank on local keywords like Kerala tour packages from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Once website gains momentum in traffic from local keywords, we can plan for next level of keywords and go on.

Why do you need SEO?

Occupy the real estate: Even today I would say that the market is not competitive for local keywords. Competition is less and an opportunity is limitless with SEO. This is a good time to occupy digital real estates (positions on search engine with help of SEO consultant) for all local business related keywords. This will give you early mover advantage in long-term.

PPC is getting expensive every day: There is a way to rank quickly on page 1 by paying Google on pay per click basis. This is a good way to start when you are short of business leads. However, what we have seen in the last 5 years that the cost per click has grown Multifood due to competition and this will continue to grow as it a bidding model. A good search marketing strategy would be to invest in SEO at the very early stage by engaging an SEO agency or an SEO expert in parallel with your PPC campaign. The objective should be to reduce PPC budget in the next 1 year and occupy real estate on a search engine using SEO. This will remove the dependency on PPC campaign.

Beat the competition: If you are new in business but really have a great product or a service which people will like then SEO can really help you beat your competitors without giving a big hole in your pocket. Especially if you are in B2B business.


The biggest mistake which most of the companies or individuals make that they try to connect with an SEO consultant, an expert or an SEO Agency after they complete their website design and development process.

SEO always starts before the development of a website. Clients who outsource projects face a lot of difficulties implementing SEO protocols after website development. This is because most of the designer, developers, and even big web development companies do not have in-house experienced SEO professionals to give them guidance on best SEO practices. They usually focus on module development and deployment as per the discussed scope with the client. Adhering to SEO protocols is something which is at the bottom of their task list or mind.

If you want to leverage organic traffic on your website then Search engine optimization expert should be hired at the very early stage of website development. Right engagement of SEO expert with your development team is very important to implement the right SEO architecture.

What is SEO Architecture?

Websites architecture is very similar to a construction architecture of any building or an apartment. Let’s say you visit an apartment where you have a toilet entry from balcony and bedroom entry from the bathroom. How difficult would it be for you to find a bedroom or toilet in this case? – Difficult right?. Similarly, the website is also just like your apartment where you would like to have right entry and exits for your internal pages. Search engine robots or bots are very similar to any guest who visit the website once in a while and eager to see any new pages in the website, which they would like to rank if it can solve service related query of their search engine users.

Before even thinking about ranking a website for any keyword, it is important to make your website eligible to rank on search engines. If your business is in India and anywhere near to Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon or Faridabad, then my SEO consulting services can help you find search engine optimization roadblocks in your website and make it 100% eligible to rank on search engines.

On page SEO – Layman’s perspective

I like explaining search engine optimization to a layman with real-life examples. To understand on-page SEO, I would like to take you to your school or college days, where we had an internal assessment and external examination. Internal assessment always had some easy assignments which help us to score more marks and improve our chances to be among toppers in the university or college – Right?. Similarly, on-site SEO is analogous to an internal assessment of college where we should focus more and get easy points for our website to rank higher on search engines. My on-page seo expert services can help you extract the maximum out of your website and give you an edge over your competitors straight away.

Off-site SEO – Google Says “Natual Link Building”

We talked about on-site SEO above and understood that it’s important to do the right things within the site to get the maximum SEO value and provide positive signals to the search engines. But, what if there are many websites which have excellent content and have followed best SEO practices? Well, this brings off page SEO in the picture.

Off page SEO in simple terms is voted by other websites to your website. To make it simpler, let’s understand by an example each type of link building.

Example of Natural links

Mr X is an aspiring SEO professional and wanted to write a blog on “How schemas can help you rank better on search engines. While searching for content related to his idea, he found a blog  “Seo best practices” on search engines which validates his assumption. He writes a blog and somewhere in the content he links back to the blog “Seo best practices” to validate his point in front of his readers. This link is counted as a positive vote for the blog owner who wrote that content.

This is exactly how natural links are created for a website. Search engines like Google, love these types of links and give more weight-age to these sites.

SEO freelancer or SEO Agency?

This is a great question. Frankly, there is no way you can blindly trust any company or freelancer.

However in my 10 years of career as SEO consultant for multiple agencies, I can tell you that most SEO agencies work like a manufacturing company and SEO projects are worked as an assembly line where every project is treated with same methodology.

SEO works very differently in every industry. Some SEO tactics which work in travel may not work in fashion or in ecommerce. Unlike other SEO Agencies in Delhi, we understand the clients requirement, analyse the completion and they strategy and implement what is best for your business / industry.

Why Should Companies Hire SEO Consultant?

In most cases, companies struggle to get the right talent for SEO. This could be because of various reasons like – lack of knowledge, budget constraints and previous bad SEO hiring experience.

The fact is that any good search engine optimization specialist who works with a digital marketing agency would hesitate to leave an agency and join your company which focus only on your internal SEO marketing projects. Make sense? The best way out of this situation is to hire one local seo consultant (Freelancer or a consultant from a company).

How much do I charge?

To be very frank I am expensive than most of the freelancers and SEO agencies in Delhi NCR. I am expensive because I give personal attention to my client’s website, 3 times more time than any other SEO agency and give 200% to deliver results in minimum time. There is no point hiring a cheap SEO freelancer if he fails to deliver any significant result and all the money is wasted for nothing.

What is included in SEO services cost?

I do full service SEO which includes technical audit of the Site, Onsite recommendations and changes and building authority links. I have a small team of designer, developer and content writer who assist me in doing technical changes and writing quality content for  link building. In short, I manage every aspect of SEO for your project from design to content.

Can we meet and discuss or call you?

Of-course we can meet for a coffee if you are based in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon region. We can fix up a place which is central to our location and discuss your project. If you based out of Delhi or India then we can have a video skype call which is as good as a face to face meeting nowadays.


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